1.0 shampoo for classic car paint, 250ml

1.0 shampoo for classic car paint, 250ml
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The first step in a thorough vehicle cleaning is the actual car wash. Discover the specially... more

The first step in a thorough vehicle cleaning is the actual car wash.

Discover the specially formulated Tapir Shampoo 1.0 for Classic Cars to help preserve the precious shine and distinctive charm of your beloved classic. Carefully formulated to meet the unique requirements of classic cars, this car shampoo provides a gentle yet effective clean to protect the paintwork while preserving the historic value of the vehicle.

With Tapir 1.0 Shampoo, you can be sure you are giving your classic car the best care and attention. It has been made with high quality natural ingredients that are gentle on the paintwork, yet effectively remove stubborn dirt, dust and grime. It does not contain any aggressive chemicals that could attack the paintwork. It is pH neutral and leaves no residue or streaks on the surface. The result is a shiny and flawless paint finish that brings out the authentic shine of your classic car.

For a thorough wash that is gentle on the paintwork, we recommend that you always have two buckets of running-warm water ready. Mix the shampoo in one bucket and rinse the sponge with clean water in the other bucket. If necessary, the fresh water should be changed in between.

Shampoo 1.0 removes dirt from the exterior paint of vehicles. Particularly suitable for the initial washing of dirty paint surfaces in preparation for further applications.

Add 2-3 capfuls of Shampoo 1.0 to a bucket containing approx. 6 litres of water.
Moisten a clean sponge in the water and run another capful of Shampoo 1.0 into the sponge and make it foam by massaging it.
Rub it generously into the vehicle's paintwork. Rinse the used sponge frequently in a second bucket of clean water.
Repeat the procedure. After a short soaking time, rinse the vehicle with clean water.

Store in a frost-free place.

Always work from top to bottom when washing.
Wash off easily dissolved dirt with a car wash brush using plenty of running water.
Rinse the sponge thoroughly with clear water more often to avoid scratches on the paintwork caused by dirt particles.
Always use sufficient washing water.
Never wash in direct sunlight or on warm paint to avoid streaking.

Sugar tenside, panamarind extract, water.

Keep out of the reach of children. If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show the label.
Do not allow to enter drains.

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