Peccary fingerless driving gloves

Driving gloves Peccary leather brown finest quality
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Peccary leather is the most popular material to make driver's gloves, which are like a second... more

Peccary leather is the most popular material to make driver's gloves, which are like a second skin.


Different hands
Each hand is different: there are hands in standard form as well as two other hand types:
a fine hand with long fingers and a wide hand with short fingers.

Fine hand with long fingers: Choose a glove a half size larger than your actual size (leather glove with more volume). This will keep the shape better and the fingerlings will not be too short.

Example: If your glove size is 7, choose size 7½ gloves.

Try it carefully.

Wide hand with short fingers: Choose a glove pair of very soft leather a half-size smaller than your actual size. Such gloves are already very elastic during the first wearing and accordingly the fingerlets are also shorter.

Example: If your glove size is 7, choose gloves made of very soft leather in size 6½. Try it carefully.


The right size

Apply a glove. Stretch a little the seam on the side with the thumb and index finger of your free hand. The glove is the right size when the side seam is smooth and has about 2-4 mm clearance.



Stretch your gloves after wearing a little in the length. So they will enjoy the beautiful shape and comfort for a long time, even the fingerlings will keep their shape longer. Nappa leather can make you even more brilliant when rubbing it with a soft cloth and with little talcum powder. You can make suede with a brush or with a sponge even more attractive.

You can remove stains by carefully stretching the leather at the dirt point in all directions. Water stains disappear by themselves. Avoid the possibility that your gloves get wet.
When wet, dark and strong leather can lose some color. Dry the wet gloves on a towel at room temperature. While the gloves are still slightly moist, gently tighten them to restore their original shape.

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